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Release Date: 4th April 2016

Format: Digital, Vinyl, CD




Release Date: October 7th, 2014

Going on a new beginning is always a risk, whether this is a movie sequel or Monday morning. This moment is a kind of crash-test of strength and belief that the way had been chosen right. The second Cepasa's album called 'Nove' became such an ordeal for him. It catches your attention first with its melancholic atmosphere and emotional depth that a lot of similar electronic music lacks. Lowered vocal pitches, slow drawing of swinging rhythm and variety of real-time effects - these are the distinctive features of every track in 'Nove'. The album also includes dance floor material, which was noted in the first Cepasa's album. Now there's no doubt new format of Cepasa with his album 'Nove" appears to be in a higher weight category.


Release Date: October 4, 2012

While the scientists come close to the veil of the world secrecy and the Mars’ surface became visible not even worse than Facebook profile, Pavel Lenchenko is opening new angles in music universe. Having given much time for his solo promotion (Moodmusic, Elevation Records, Subself, Plastic City, Toolroom) as well as for his team game as the composer of Tomato Jaws, Pavel decided to take a different view of well-known field. And in this case the rearrangement of terms played the leading part - the recipe of «form and content, sounds absolutely different in its mirroring. Doing Right - is a desire to bring mood and emotions without limits of trends and styles so just for this reason the LP is worthy of note.

The album is opened by the track Carolina leading us to the dance floor with its simple buttenacious groove at the same time, like in early ForceInc’ releases. Shortly Cepasa announces himself - you can appreciate the charismatic vocal of Pavel’s alter ego in the first track. Or rather the part of it, because the stylistic nuances of vocals are changing with the album’s plot development. For instance, number two - the title track Doing Right - obeys totally other rules of the game. While being still an electronic vocal track, it nevertheless works in completely different angle - despite the straight kick this track is more like melancholic trip than accompaniment for dancing.

Anyway Doing Right became the title of the album not without purpose - it is definitely one of the main elements of this release. The same thing with Other Place - a measured electronic ballade which has every prospect of becoming a hit. This great track with nontrivial vocal and incomprehensible target audience сries out to be on TV, so it is no surprise that the music video for this song is being already shot. The track Believe that brings you back to dreamy electro is rather cinematic too. This track and the album in general may be found in hipster’s ipod as well as in an old yello cab. Besides, a staunch music lover will appreciate the albums mastering made by Sasse - the founder of famous German label Moodmusic.

     Doing Right with its absolutely different rhythms and styles of performance is still a holistic album - it is a story where everyone can choose the beginning, culmination and ending himself.



Cepasa - Doing Right

Label: Moon Records

Formats: CD/Digital